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ES Wins More TBL Raids

Eternal Sovereign continues to farm CoV, but while waiting for CoV T2 Raids to come out, we went back to TBL for some unfinished business in that expansion, and completed the following raid wins in January.

Esianti - Moon Surf of Harmonious Heavens on 1/27/21
Aalishai - Palace Gates on 1/28/21

Now it's back to our regularly scheduled CoV T2 raids, but Mearatas is still on our hit list!

Posted on Fri Feb 19, 2021 3:19 am by Lorai

Third Raid WIN in CoV - T1 Klandicar

As predicted, ES defeated Klandicar and his New Brood last night at 7:58pm CST, and got a few Vanquisher achievements in the process: Assistance Needed and we Broke No Eggs!

Congratulations ES Raiders on 3 Server Firsts in 1 Week! Now it's back to the farm until February 6.

Posted on Thu Jan 14, 2021 5:36 am by Lorai

Second Raid WIN in CoV - T1 Tantor

ES zoned in and beat Tantor tonight by 7:30pm CST. Then we moved to the caves and got Klandicar to 13% before the night came to an end.

Well done tonight Raiders. We'll get Klandicar next time.

Posted on Tue Jan 12, 2021 3:18 am by Lorai

First Raid WIN in Claws of Veeshan! T1 Zlandicar Reborn

ES powered through all of the mobs, server lag, player warping, and lots of greyed-out spell gems to WIN our first Raid in CoV last night at 8:30pm CST.

And so it begins... Congratulations and well done Raiders, we're ready for the next one.

Posted on Fri Jan 08, 2021 6:49 pm by Lorai
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