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More server instability leads to another visit to Lord Seru. Loot Awarded:
Grrumble received Black Ornate Chain Bridle
Arocus received Bow of Storms
Dmonger received Yttrium Studded Veil
Went to BoT to make a first try at Agnarr. What a fun encounter! We will visit the Lord again and beat him this time
Posted on Sun Jun 15, 2003 7:46 pm by Barad


Visited Lord Seru
Loot Awarded:
Runnydrizzler received Black Ornate Chain Bridle
Fazin received Starred Yttrium Ring
Quikcharm received Yttrium Studded Mantle
Took a try at HoH Dragon Trial. Had bad luck with another guild who doesnt believe in sharing but we will get him
Posted on Sun Jun 15, 2003 7:33 pm by Barad

Visited our friends the Cliffords

Loot Awarded:
Fehklar received Bracer of the Silent Star
Ignotus received Bracer of the Silent Star
Noircogi received Living Symbol
Mystieaxe received Shaded Amice
Nyim received Steel Skin Armplates
Chopman received Umbracite Bracer
Aallaan received Gorget of Superiority
Posted on Wed Jun 11, 2003 3:33 pm by Barad

Tallon Zek on Sunday Night (06/08/03)

On what is normally a night off for us, we decided to go pay Tallon Zek a visit. We must have caught him by surprise because he was sitting in his recliner watching Sopranos reruns when we arrived. As a result, he died rather quickly.

TZ pronounced DOA...
Is it just me or does Tallon Zek have a look of surprise on his face? Smile

We found a Warmaster`s Recurved Longbow and a Veteran`s Battle Charm when we searched his corpse...

Congratulations go out to Romendacil and Idar for the bow and charm respectively.
Posted on Mon Jun 09, 2003 7:44 pm by Grrumble
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