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23rd Anniversary Raid:Mad Emperor

Well it's Anniversary time again, so ES revisited Karnor's Castle to kick the pants out of Venril Sathir.

The chest was sweet, with all those Pants and Pantaloons in it.

Congrats to all raiders on a smooth WIN!

Posted on Wed Apr 06, 2022 5:38 am by Lorai

Shei Vinitras Down!

ES spent ♡ Erolissi Day ♡ dancing in a small room, where Shei Vinitras resides.

Obviously this creature did not like our dancing, sending Shades and Killer Babies to stop us.

Alas, they failed, and we WIN. Congratz to all.

And ♡ Happy Valentine's Day ♡ too.

Posted on Fri Feb 25, 2022 3:19 am by Lorai

Netherbian Swarm Commander Defeated! All ToL T1 Raids Down

ES persevered to command this swarmy guy and his many drones this time.

Well done Raiders and Raid Leaders on a hard fought and well deserved WIN.

Posted on Fri Jan 21, 2022 2:29 am by Lorai

Doomshade Defeated!

We conquered the tower of Doomshade and his Dark Masters last night.

Congrats and well done to all on a smooth WIN. ES Raiders Rock!

Netherbian Swarm Commander is next!

Posted on Tue Jan 18, 2022 7:37 pm by Lorai
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