Thornbow Level 120 Ranger

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Thornbow Level 120 Ranger

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Name: Thornbow
Class: Ranger
Level: 120
# of AA's: 36,707 assigned and 7,249 spent
Magelo or Raidloot Profile:

Time zone:
Average play time per week (hours): I estimate about 40
How many scheduled raids will you regularly be able to attend? I hope to attend 100%.

What progression completed in the current expansion? None.

Why did you apply to ES? Because I want to get my money's worth out of this game and all its expansions, and I think I've about hit the limit of what can be done as a casual player.

Have you read the ES code of conduct and do you understand what is expected? Yes. I've read the code of conduct and think I understand it.

List all alternate characters over level 85 that you play including those you share with others (name/class/level): I have a level 87 warrior named Mudbone. Others are below 85, and/or on F2P accounts.

List ALL previous guild memberships: The only guild whose name I remember is Phantom Raiders. There was one other that raided, but it raided older content (Plane of Power, when TSS was out). There were also a handful of casual guilds.
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Re: Thornbow Level 120 Ranger

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Re: Thornbow Level 120 Ranger

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Welcome buddy
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