Trigger spam fix

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Trigger spam fix

Post by Phaolin »

Check in general settings that you do not have "log matches to file" with your log file selected. You should only see the log file under the character edit otherwise unintended consequences could occur like repeating triggers. Since you have pasted the trigger into your log file, it will trigger it again and save it again until you shut down GINA to stop it.
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Post by Rapitiss »

GINA also gets confused when you accept new triggers over top of the existing triggers.

First thing to do:

1 - Accept merge request

2 - On the left half of the window, find your name and select it. All the |> become check boxes [_] |> ES - Raids

3 - Cycle the check marks from on -> off -> on -> off -> on

4 - Exit Gina

5 - Restart Gina . make sure the raid encounters are on.
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