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Member Conduct

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Guiding Principles



Members are expected to comply with the EverQuest EULA and Rules of Conduct.

Members are required to display the guild tag at all times. Use of /anonymous is prohibited.
Your actions reflect on the guild when interacting with other players.

Prohibited Conduct
  • harassment or targeting other players
  • threatening, abusive, or defamatory language
  • intentional game interference such as training, camp stealing, kill stealing, or unwarranted petitioning/reporting
  • activities that could lead a player to report you to a GM such as AFK XPing or warping
Prohibited Discussion Topics
  • offensive language based on race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, sex, gender, gender identity, age, or disability
  • sexually explicit or obscene language
  • controversial political, religious, or social issues
  • excessive swearing
These topics are not appropriate for discussion in a game setting. This includes /guild, /rsay, /shout, /ooc, /say, EQ public chat channels, ES Team Speak, and the ES Message Boards. It may also include unwelcome private /tell if there was intent to offend.

If you feel the need to explore these topics, do so outside the game or establish a private channel with others who share the same interests.

ESO will not police non-guild channels 7 days a week 24 hours a day. If a complaint is received it will be reviewed in accordance with this code of conduct.

Use common sense. If you unintentionally offend someone then stop, apologize, and move on.

Disagreements and Conflicts
Members are expected to do their best to avoid serious disagreements or conflicts with other players. In the event a disagreement arises that cannot be resolved amicably, members are expected to excuse themselves from the situation and bring the issue to the attention of an officer as soon as possible (within 24 hours). Do not argue the issue in guild or public channels or discuss the problem with other players that were not involved.

Misunderstandings and disagreements will happen. When they do, try to resolve the issue reasonably and respectfully. If you feel that you are in an escalating situation, contact an officer immediately. DO NOT retaliate. YOU will be held accountable for YOUR actions.

Officer Engagement
Officers are expected to be neutral mediators and attempt to resolve issues in a way that is fair and agreeable to all parties involved. Officers will consider both sides of a disagreement, gather supporting information (logs, screenshots, etc.), and consult with other officers or the guild leader as necessary to determine appropriate action.

Serious issues will typically be reviewed by the complaint officer or guild leader before penalties are enforced. However, members are expected to cooperate and de-escalate the situation regardless which officer is called on to respond to an incident. Refusal to cooperate or further escalation will result in immediate guild removal pending final review.
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