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EQ next

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EQ next
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guess Ill be playing it when it comes out... looks amazing so far

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I f'ing hate robots. Never played with any of the kind as kid. I wouldn't call it traditional fantasy with big dumb robots on screen. I didn't have transformers, and I get a sinking feeling when I have to watch that movie again cause it's on TV. Regardless, I know there are robots in Everquest, but I dont' think it fits in with a fantasy theme. I had a fantasy themed wedding, and there were no robots.

Can you be a lizard? If not I'll chuck it in with the many deleted video games that I have tried over the years.

If anything I'd switch to Aion. That one seems to be the most fun, but I am not sure if it has a raiding aspect like Everquest does. That is the other part of Everquest that I enjoy the most.

People (I'd list people first, but they come and go!!!)

I stopped playing Dungeons and Dragons (you know, like the REAL one) partly because I couldn't play a lizard woman, a centaur or a fremlin anymore with the new books. Stoooopid! I am always a gnome in traditional books, and just no.

Please, don't make me play a gnome again! If it even remotely looks like WoW I'll just puke. That game looks as stupid as the new armor in Everquest. It's like some kid with crayons drew a picture of Gene Simmons.

I simply didn't like Everquest II cause I didn't see a decent raiding game (I think one did pop up) and I hated the way the characters moved. Something about it put me off. They whipped the Iksars down to simple villagers too. That's not what being a lizard is all about, seriously. If one has the opportunity to play some odd race, there has to be a good story behind why, and that toon shouldn't necessarily fit into society like a human would.
In Everquest II they do, right off the bat. Dungeons and Dragons on line? Bah, at best it's a self playing game not quite as good as Discworld. Actually, if all of my friends go away to Everquest Next and I don't enjoy it, maybe I'll get myself a copy of Discworld and play it instead. lol

Drow were all the debate when Unearthed Arcana came out in D and D. I knew people who refused to play D and D with me if I even acknowledged the Drow existence as a player character. They were the enemy that one dreaded to find in a dungeon. That's what a lizard should be.

From what I understand in Aion, the evil side can't even speak to the good side. That's awesome! I just don't know about years of killing farm animals.

I doubt any Everquest product would have something so cool. Too much customer feedback. Time will tell.

I'll see you at the raids in Everquest, where my character at least has her history.

I'd rather play this

than this:

I fail at embedding.

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There is no game that has raiding like EverQuest. Not a single one. The closest that ever existed was probably Dark Age of Camelot. I raided some in WoW and compared to my time in EverQuest it just felt... it felt like 40-25 individuals just doing their own job, rather than having multiple teams working together to make a larger team.

EQNext looks like it is heading even farther down the path away from progression raiding with complex fights. I think the majority of people in the world don't have the time to do EQ1 raiding. I will do every single thing I can though when they ask for feedback to try to get NToV style open world raiding to be a part of the game though. Or at least complex zones added that require time and effort to figure out. (I actually liked Uqua even if I spent the whole time with the cheer leading squad at the zone in.)

That said the real selling point is that the game will potentially allow me to literally level Rivervale to the ground. Killing all the halflings isn't enough, we have to nuke their cities, it is the only way to be sure.

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They obviously have no intention of creating an updated EQ1.

But, they are also trying something entirely new and innovative (For an MMO anyway).
I think judging it prematurely would be a mistake, and i see many people are already disappointed at the information they have shared.

I believe the raiding element will definitely be there, but the mechanics will be entirely different; far more interactive and movement based. A responsive and learning AI makes a fight never the same. So it will limit going in with the same strategy every time.

I think what makes EQ1 the best raiding MMO out there is the interdependency for important encounters. If they manage to capture this in EQN then I think even if mechanics are vastly different it would prove a resounding success.

Visually. They are playing it safe. Realism does not age well. And, it just does not work in a Voxel Based Engine. While I agree they shouldn't go overly cartoony (The Kerran) I feel they will find the right balance over time (The Human isn't bad). Whats really important is the art direction is powerful and Everquestesque (Diablo 2 v 3 anyone).


You can build stuff! Selling point for me! Though, if I had time to play any games anyway I would probably still be playing EQ!

Check out the Creator of the Engine EQNext will be using. I think it elaborates the Environment you will find in EQN far more than they shared for SOE Live? It is really worth looking through his videos.

Also Egg, I believe they discussed the founding if Cabilis in one of their videos. So I would expect Iksar?

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Joined: 03 Nov 2005
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Iksar Iksar Iksar! oo I hope!

Eggborn Hatchedrotten
Gecko of Desire

Dare to be Different
Sun Aug 11, 2013 2:27 am View user's profile Send private message
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